A Note from Faith Family Hospitality & Family Housing Network

June 23, 2020
Categories: Community Outreach

I am still overwhelmed by the generosity of Centerline in our community. While most are simply looking to better their own companies, Centerline also seems to be doing their best to help those around them. They offered to help in WHATEVER way they could to help Faith Family Hospitality/Family Housing Network. They hauled metal and trash from our Donation Task Force storage, all the while smiling and friendly. They built a new FHN Day Center front desk to intake families and help guests as they arrive. It is beautiful and functional. They did both of these over a period of 2 days and both were tasks that we really would’ve had a hard time getting done. No matter how big or small, they were happy to help!!! How awesome to have such a great company in our community!!!! We are so grateful!!!


FHN/FFH Board Coordinator Liaison