Centerline Selected as 2020 BBB Spark Award Winner

August 4, 2020
Categories: Awards - Recognition

Centerline Energy Construction in Windsor, CO was started in December 2018 by Jody Walters and Ty Calkins. They provide a variety of oil and gas construction services from oilfield pipeline construction to commercial and residential natural gas installations to oil and gas consulting services and beyond.

When starting Centerline Energy Construction, Walters and Calkins leaned heavily on their experience from their careers in the construction and oil and gas industry and were fortunate to have a large network of mentors to guide them as they launched their business. One key aspect of leadership development for Walters and Calkins was adapting from wearing the many hats of a lean, startup-style operation to growing into more defined roles as Centerline Energy grew over the course of 2019. This was helped by their commitment to be active with a number of local and national industry associations, keeping them up to date on best practices and industry advancements.

Centerline Energy Construction was started with a focus on making sure that employees were valued and respected in an industry that many times seems to forget its frontline workers. Centerline Energy has committed to providing a benefits package to all employees that includes time off to ensure proper work/life balance. Centerline also makes safety a priority, working on developing a safety incentive program that will protect workers and aligning company goals with proper safety practices.

During the 2019 holidays, Centerline had an innovative way to get employees personally engaged in giving back to the community. At the company Christmas party, employees were given two envelopes. In the one labeled “keep” was their Christmas bonus. In the one labeled “give” was money that was to be shared with someone they knew or ran into who they felt was in need. The employees then shared stories of how they shared the money, which included a few recipients who then paid the gift forward by helping someone else, spreading the impact even further.

Facebook Live Spark Award Winner celebration can be viewed on BBB’s YouTube channel here.